Bathroom Light Pulls

Bathroom Light Pulls

Pull light switches in bathrooms are extremely common and that gives people the opportunity to customise the pull switch to suit their bathroom decor. With a wide variety of top quality bathroom light pulls, Plumbworld has the perfect switch for everyone. Whether you’re after a chrome finish to match the contemporary styling of your bathroom or you want to go for a wood effect to match your bath panel; we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our rigorous hand picking process, you can rest assured that any bathroom light pull bought from us will be of the highest quality and will have no problems withstanding the wear and tear from large families.

  • Croydex Cube Light Pull



  • Croydex Classic Light Pull




Stylish Pulls

Rather than just having a loose string dangling down from the ceiling, these pulls add weight and style to something that is quite generally quite boring. Thankfully, we’ve managed to take this a step further and given you the ability to customise the pull switch as much as possible. With a wide range of various light pulls in different designs and finishes, we’ve got something for every type of bathroom. With simple circular designs in white and black all the way to chrome and wood finishes in tear drop designs; there’s something to suit every requirement and every bathroom. Don’t forget how much the little things matter!


Ever looked at the state of the string on a bathroom light switch after several months? It’s disgusting and easy to see why they aren’t hygienic. With a light pull, you have a surface to grab onto and also an easy method to remove and clean it; resulting in a much more hygienic bathroom. Not to mention you don’t have to look at a dirty piece of string every time you go in there – it’s a win, win.


Whilst light pulls are quite an inexpensive item, sometimes retailers try and hike up the price just because it looks ‘fancy’. Thanks to our unique pricing system, we can ensure that all of our light pulls represent fantastic value for money and although inexpensive, the quality is of the highest standard to ensure durability, appearance and functionality.


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