1453E Suction Plunger 5.1/2in


Monument 1453E Suction Plunger 5.1/2in

A Monument Suction Plunger is a tool used for doing a job that everyone hates - unblocking the toilet! Also known as a 'coopers plunger' it is made up of two different plates; a rubber plate and a plastic plate within the centre of the rubber plate. The plastic plate is there to provide reinforcement to the flexible rubber so that the rubber doesn't end up bending too much and splitting or tearing. During use, the plastic plate is helping to generate a more forceable plunge. It stops the rubber flexing too much and prevents water getting past the seal. The handle is made of wood and has a t-shape at the end to allow you to have a good grip to easily use the plunger.


  • Size: 5.1/2in. - 138mm

Usage Tips

Before you start plunging you should ensure that the toilet pan is at least a third full of water. If there isn't enough water, pour some into the pan manually. Do not attempt to flush the toilet to generate more water as the blockage could cause the bowl to overflow.

Use the T-handle of the suction plunger to create a seal at the toilet gulley by applying a good amount of force. Once the seal is created, quickly continue to apply forceful pushes and pulls in an attempt to clear the blockage. After doing this a few times, pull it out of the gulley and your blockage should be released. To check if this is the case, observe if the water level has gone down. Flushing the toilet should then work as normal. If the water level has remained the same it is likely the blockage is still there, so you'll need to try the process again. Don't flush the toilet until you are sure the blockage has gone.

CE Approved

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1453E Suction Plunger 5.1/2inProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number 1453E
Boxed Weight 0.38kg

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4/ 5

I struggled to find this type of plunger and was delighted when I found one on Plumbworld to replace the one I had broken. I tried the new plastic concertina type but find this much more effective for toilets.
Very happy with the product.

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£4.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £14.98 Save  66%

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